What treatment can I get for Acne Scars?

October 6, 2021
October 6, 2021 Dr. K

We mostly associate acne scars with teen skin conditions, which is not true. Untreated acne can leave behind stubborn marks and scars, which will lead to uneven skin and other complications like Keloids. These inflamed blemishes are caused by excess oil secretion, dead cells and bacteria in the pores of your skin. Not every one of us is blessed with crystal clear skin or an even skin tone, but what if we say you can achieve it with the help of Medical spa treatments used for cosmetic purposes? Yes, we can guide you through the entire process of acne scar treatment laser in the most elaborate and easy to understand manner. Make an informed decision and benefit from the best Acne treatment in New Jersey.

Understanding your type!

You first need to be aware of the type of acne that troubles you before going forward with anything related to the treatment at all. We hope you are already aware of the major types of acne that is prevalent among various skin types. Don’t worry! We will help you differentiate the acne types. Later in this blog, you will also find which treatment is the best for your acne type.

Acne Scar Types

Acne Scars can be categorized into two major types, one which is caused by a loss of tissue, the atrophic scar. The other one is caused by an excess of tissue, the hypertrophic scar.

All four main types of acne scars will fall under this category.

Ice pick

Ice Pick Scars are deep and narrow which can reach up to the dermis. It derived its name from its appearance, which can be related to a skin pierced by an ice pick or pointy object. These scars cause a minute hole in the skin, which is also deep. On some skin types, this scar might also look like a huge open pore.

The reason behind Development:

Ice pick scars originate after an infection caused due to a cyst or deep inflamed blemish that extends to the surface. Later the skin tissue will be destroyed to leave behind a column-like scar.


Boxcar scars are similar to Ice pick scars but contain oval or round shaped depressions with steep vertical sides. Boxcar scars being a little wider than Ice pick scars, leave an uneven and pitted appearance on the skin.

The reason behind Development:

If inflammatory breakout impacts and destroys collagen, the tissue will be damaged or lost. The skin covering this region is abandoned without support, forming a depressed area. Boxcar scars can be mild and superficial or complex and severe, mostly depending on the volume of tissue lost.


Rolling or wave-like depressions across otherwise normal-looking skin are the most prominent appearance of this scar. Rolling scars are not sharply defined like the Boxcar scars. The skin seems rough and uneven.

The reason behind Development:

Rolling scars are formed if a fibrous band of tissue is developed between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. Those expected fibrous bands stretch the epidermis, joining deeper into the skin. It is the stretching of the epidermis that forms the rolling exterior of the skin’s surface.

Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

Hypertrophic scars are hard, elevated scars that extend above the surface of the skin. Hypertrophic scars, mostly caused due to acne, are commonly spotted on the torso. It can also be developed anywhere on the skin. It is mostly found in men. Hypertrophic scars are most prevalent after a deep injury or trauma.

Keloids are raised with severe scars. Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloids grow larger than the initial wound. Keloids can send outraised, parallel shoots that extend much farther than the wound and will continue to build even if the original wound is healed.

The reason behind Development:

Unlike other scars on this list, hypertrophic scars are developed due to excess collagen production. If we consider keloids, the skin might not recognize that the wound is healed and will continue to supply collagen.

Treatments involved

Acne scar treatment laser before and after images can be misleading and unrealistic in most cases. Don’t fall prey to the places that give fake promises and false acquisitions. At Forever MedSpa, we have a well-trained team that can help you identify your problem and give a detailed consultation on what can be done to improve the current condition. We provide the best cosmetic treatments which can help you achieve your clear skin goals. We analyses your medical history just to make sure that your health suits the chosen treatment. Safety and precision is our topmost priority. We have happy clients across New Jersey who can vouch for this. Unlike the hefty Acne scar treatment price in the USA, we offer the most competitive pricing and best treatments. Call us now to book an appointment with us so you can learn about the acne scar treatments in detail.

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