Mature Lips

Lips lay in the central lower one third of the face, this area shows all the changes due to gravity, bone loss and deep fat loss. Following are few of the effects of the above changes.

1. Elongation of the upper lip due to loss of upper jaw bone.

2. Downward turning of the lips due to pressure from the skin and soft tissues form the sides i.e. cheeks.

3. Inward turning lack of shape due to loss of collagen, and lack of muscle tone.

4. Lip lines, lines and wrinkles in the lower 1/3rd of the face starting form the corners of the mouth due to combined gravity, jowling and lack of collagen.

5. Flat wide chin, loss of the lower jaw worsening the proportion of the upper lip to lower lip and adding to the changes mentioned above.


Improvement in the mature lips needs assessment of all the related factors and correct in proportion as focusing on one part may look more obvious or unnatural.

Bone loss could be corrected with firmer filler like Restylane lyft, Radiesse, Sculptra or Bellafill. Improvement in the soft tissue like lip line, wrinkles in the lower third of the face could be achieved with thinner softer Hyaluronic acid filler.

Mature lips are generally not corrected with filler in the pink area called as Vermilion but also in the White Roll area which lies just around the lips to bring back the structure rather just plumping the lips which if not proportionate may look unnatural.

Radio-frequency provided with Morpheus 8 and Fractora can bring improve that can last long and natural. 

At Forever Medspa & Wellness Center Dr. Keswani carefully and systematically assess all the above related areas and suggest a plan to give best overall improvement.

ProblemTreatment methodProducts
Elongated lips
1:1 ratio to 1:3
Due to shrinking jaw bone
Deep filler next to bone, both in upper and lower jaw, along with chin enhancement
HA filler like restylane
Need 2-4 fillers
Lip linesFilling individual line
Laser or Radiofrequency treatment
HA filler
Fractional laser
Fractora or Morpheus 8
Lip Volume Filler to a smaller extent more to define then volumeHA filler
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