Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) Hair Restoration

What is Fibroblast Growth Factor?
Fibroblast Growth Factor also called as Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor is a member of group of messenger proteins that of involved in variety of biological functions like cells growth, morphogenesis and tissue repair. In normal human tissue it is present in the matrix surrounding the cells and gets activated during tissue injury for repair.
FGF in the treatment provided is recombinant protein with exact same amino acid composition.
This can be used for following 2 functions
Skin rejuvenation.
Hair restoration.
FGF is mixed with carrier gel and delivered at the site and level of interest with help of micro needling.

What are the indications of FGF scalp treatment?
FGF could be used for treating androgenic alopecia for both men and women also called as MPHL or FPHL respectively
Increases the number of terminal hairs,
Convert some of the villus hair to terminal hair
Reverses miniaturization of the hair follicles
Increases Anagen phase of the hair follicle

Is this treatment painful?
The treatment is done with help of topical numbing and sometimes nerve blocks for the scalp, with numbing the treatment is very tolerable.

What is post treatment course?
Depends on the depth, and aggressiveness of the treatment with micro needling, bruising, mild soreness for 1-2 days, redness and swelling form 1-5 days, mild itching sometimes, . The area should be kept moisturized.

What is the treatment course?
Weekly 3-6 treatments then maintenance about 2-4 times/year

Can it be combined with other treatment?

Yes it could be combined with other treatments like Minoxidil (Rogaine), Propecia for men, pre and post hair transplant.

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