Under Eye Aesthetics

This section explains the common cosmetic issues around the eyes. Most of these conditions could be treated significantly with non-surgical treatments with minimal or no down time.

Dark Circles around the eyes
The commonest cause of this entity is hollowness around the eye, the other causes are as follows, skin pigmentation, crumbling of the skin due to increased activity of the eye muscle and thin skin, lack of fat under the thin skin and see through ness.

Loose skin around the eye
This likely a sign of slow reduction of collagen in the skin as aging process and sun damage.

Eye bags
Which generally are of 2 types water retention or fat deposition. Water retention gets worse with salty foods or after waking up from the bed vs the fat deposition doesn’t change but may change with certain actions like smiling. Each of these conditions need different treatment.

Bulging or worm under the eye with smile with smile lines
This condition is due to hypertrophy or increase in size of eye muscles and many a times it’s genetic.

Falling eye brow tail
This happens due to loss of volume in the forehead, around the eyebrow and temples.

Crows feet
Due to loose skin around the eye, lack of collagen with increased activity of the muslce around the eye.

Tear trough indent or hollowness
This happens due to tight ligament that extends from the bone to the skin sometimes contributes to the bags above it as well. Hollowness in the front cheek in the area of the deep fat also makes it accentuated. This also gets worse with looking up.
The issues around the eyes are diversified and treatment is sometimes needed with different modalities. 

ConditionTreatment DowntimeSessions
Hollowness/Tear trough indentFiller
Restylane R
0 days 1 - 2
Thin skin/see through, wrinkled skinPRF/PRP
RF Microneedling
Emerge Fractional laser
1-2 Days
1-4 Days
1-7 Days
1-3 Days
2 - 3
4 - 7
2 - 4
4 - 7
Crows FeetBotox/Dysport/XeominNoneevery 2 - 4months
PigmentSkin lightening creamNoneas needed
Drooping eyebrow tailFiller in around the eye/temples
Botulinium toxin
NoneTreatment filler 3 - 9 months
Buldging lower eyelidBotulinium toxinNone2 - 4 months
Eyebag waterHard to treat non surgically
Eyebag fatFiller may help to mask only limited treatment non surgically

Common Issues With Treatment Around Eye

  • Bruising, swelling more common relatively benign treatments
  • Lumps and bumps could be common in 1st week of treatment
  • Lymphatic swelling more common in under eye area hence full correction is avoided rather. 60-80% of correction is intended.
  • Drooping of the eyelid rare complication from diffusion of the toxin given in the surrounding
  • Tyndall effect, visibility of the filler due to thin skin as greenish hue

At Forever Medspa & Wellness Center during a consultation  Dr. Keswani care fully assess the problems and risk of the complications, social requirements and patient preferences. A careful plan is made along with the client, treatment cost is discussed upfront, prior to the treatment. Please book consultation here, please see our specials page for our promotions.

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