Granny Hands

Back of the hands will suggest the age and health of the individual. A firmer skin, without hollow in between the bones, with minimal visibility of the tendons and veins is desired. Dr. Keswani (K), at Forever Medspa, carefully assess the concerns and suggest a detailed but precise plan. Following treatment modalities are discussed in relation to concerns. 

Hollowness in the back of the hand 

Bony skeletal appearance, increased visibility of the veins cold be corrected with this treatment modality. HA filler like Restylane, Juvederm or Calcium containing filler like Radiesse can be used. The filler is injected superficially in subcutaneous tissue in the area of the gap between the bones. 1-3 fillers will be needed for each hand depending on the degree of the hollowness and results desired. Since the skin in the back of the hand is relatively thin, swelling could remain in the area for 3-4 wks. Our preferred choice of filler is Restylane L due to its dependable softness an ability to hold hydration. 

Wrinkled skin see the treatment of the skin wrinkles can be treated with modalities like Fractional 1540 laser, Radiofrequency with Microneedling these are discussed in separate sections. Pico lasers may not have any downtime. 

Sun damage will cause sun spots, irregular tone, wrinkled skin due to lack of collage. Wrinkled skin could be treated as described above but IPL and skin peels can help with irregular skin tone and spots.

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