Double Chin

Double chin is term used for area under the chin. A sharp jawline, firm skin, flat surface is aesthetically preferred. Problems in this areas are excessive fat, excessive loose skin or turkey neck.

Excessive fat

At Forever Medspa the treatment modalities used for this condition are divided into non-invasive and minimally invasive. Non invasive methods include initial fat reduction with Cryoliopolysis followed by skin tightening with radiofrequency with Morpheus 8 or without needles with MiniFx

PCDC could also be used to dissolve fat then combined with RF treatments. RF Treatment with MiniFx treat reduced both the fat and tightens the skin at same time, this treatment need 6-8 weekly sessions.

Accutite is a remarkable method with significant reduction of the fat and simultaneously skin tightening even with single session, this is minimally invasive office procedure done under local anesthesia.

Turkey neck
This term is used for loose skin in the form of 1-2 fold where the upper neck where it starts from the face. This develops as aging changes in the skin with loss of collagen or rapid loss of fat in this area. At Forever Medspa RF treatment is used for the purpose of generating collagen and skin tightening. The modalities that could be used for the treatment are Morpheus 8, MiniFx, Accutite.

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