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What are Dermal Fillers?
Dermal fillers are a type of misnomer as actually they are soft tissue fillers or better known as fillers for soft tissue augmentation. These dermal fillers are essentially made up of Hyaluronic acid and then renamed as HAF – Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. This acid forms an essential and natural component of our skin and when hyaluronic acid is synthetically made and is subjected to certain technological changes (converted to gel-like form) its life when injected into the skin increases as does its ability to retain water. 

Post-procedure HAFs help in gaining support, re-inflating the flat facial fat compartments, correcting tissue hydration by supplying water leading to a smooth and supple skin and also in lifting the face and correcting the descent and disproportion.

We at Forever MedSpa and Wellness Center use different types and ranges of soft tissue fillers or HAFs which are used on the patient following a thorough facial analysis, counseling, and understanding of their goals and desired outcomes. For instance, in order to lift the mid section of the face, or for contouring the jawline, heavy and robust fillers are used. Similarly, lighter filler is used for addressing problems such as lines under the eye and for hydrating the facial skin to give the patient a radiant and supple look.

Why opt for Dermal Fillers New Jersey?

The hyaluronic injections for face or HAFs are the most commonly used soft tissue fillers and are known to be the safest, non-permanent and dissolvable fillers available. HAF’s are globally recognized and are behind numerous aesthetic treatments as per the American Society of plastic surgery (ASPS). There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of this type of filler and a few have been listed as follows- 

  • Non-Surgical and No downtime – Dermal fillers treatment is a non-surgical treatment and has minimal downtime. Patients can resume their work right after this non-invasive procedure, which typically takes not more than 30 minutes.
    2. Totally Painless – Soft tissue fillers are present in pre-filled syringes and are reconstituted with local anesthesia for minimal pain to the patient.  
  1. Provides Longevity –The effect of these fillers last for about 9-18 months depending upon the product chosen for the treatment.
    4. 100% Safe –At Forever MedSpa & Wellness Center we only use products which have undergone strict clinical trials and are backed with safety data. We do not compromise on the quality and our HAFs have certified safety data that supports their use worldwide.
    5. Dissolvable Fillers – In case a patient is not satisfied with the results of the filler treatment and wants to reverse the same, it is possible. This is one of the primary reasons why the procedure is increasing in popularity and demand.  

Who all can get this treatment done?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (HAF’s) can be used in both males and females, for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. They also can be administered in most age groups and have no particular minimal or maximal age for the procedure. The patient undergoing treatment should ideally be above 18 years of age and has to provide his/her informed consent. If they are less than 18, they should be accompanied by their parents who are willing to consider the treatment for therapeutic reasons.  

A young face does not generally have issues with 3 D’s of aging i.e. deterioration, deflation and descent. In the young face areas of deflation in proportion, under eye area issues, thin lips, receding chin, enhancing jawline, square face, nasal hump are some of the reasons aesthetic care through dermal fillers is sought for. Young lips, under eye areas and jawline enhancements, are discussed in separate sections. There are many reasons to opt for Facial fillers treatment including affordable face fillers cost. Rest have been given below – 

  • Cheek Enhancement and Lifting

         When the face is more rounded and has less cheek, chin    projections but at the same time is broad in the jaw area this does not allow all the features to be distinct. Volume in the cheek placed deeply and enhancing the chin creates distinction of these features and narrowing the jaw area with the botulinum toxin in the Masseter Muscle changes the face from round to heart shape. Jawline is also defined to complete the Y lift. Cheek, chin, jawline could be enhanced separately as well through new facial fillers.

  • Chin enhancement
    A receding chin is when there is no or inadequate projection of the chin and the lower face from the tip of the nose to the chin goes behind. This asset can be brought back with simple hyaluronic injections for the face to provide a nice, firm, round, narrow and proportional chin. 
  • Square face
    Appears due to prominence of the masseter muscle which will be ok for men but for women will prevent the preferred long face heart shape look. Also sometimes the hypertrophy of the muscle is also due to subconsciously grinding teeth in the night which also leads to TMJ problems, this could be improved with very simple self injecting dermal fillers in this muscle with botulinum toxin. Even jawline correction has become easier with jawline fillers in New Jersey, so visit Forever MedSpa’s website and schedule your appointment. 
  • Nasal Hump
    Nasal Hump is a very common soft aesthetic service, easy to correct in minutes, painless, no down time with best filler for nasolabial folds like Restylane lift. Nasal tips can also be made more defined and lifted during the same procedure.

At Forever MedSpa & Wellness Center, we offer a variety of dermal fillers treatment and are renowned as the top aestheticians in the whole New Jersey. We care about our clients and help them achieve a complete facial rejuvenation with spectacular skin. Our experienced aesthetic practitioners will make sure you look all-natural and feel confident than ever with the help of our special dermal fillers. So if you are longing for youthful and hydrated skin, then call us today or book an appointment online without any delay to help us discover your true beauty.  

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