Young FaceFillers

The young face does not generally have issues with 3 D’s of aging i.e. deterioration, deflation and descent. In the young face areas of deflation in proportion, under eye area issues, thin lips, receding chin, enhancing jawline, square face, nasal hump are some of the reasons aesthetic care is sought for. Young lips, under eye areas and jawline enhancements, are discussed in separate sections. Will discuss rest here.

Dermal fillers are used, to be precise.



Cheek Enhancement and Lifting

When the face is more rounded and has less cheek, chin projections but at the same time is broad in the jaw area this does not allow all the features to be distinct. Volume in the cheek placed deeply and enhancing the chin creates distinction of these features and narrowing the jaw area with the botulinum toxin in the Masseter Muscle changes the face from round to heart shape. Jawline is also defined to complete the Y lift. Cheek, chin, jawline could be enhanced separately as well if these are only desired.


Chin enhancement
A receding chin is when there is no or inadequate projection of the chin and the lower face from the tip of the nose to the chin goes behind. This asset can be brought back with a simple HA filler to provide a nice, firm, round, narrow and proportional chin.


Square face
Appears due to prominence of the masseter muscle which will be ok for men but for women will prevent the preferred long face heart shape look. Also sometimes the hypertrophy of the muscle is also due to subconsciously grinding teeth in the night which also leads to TMJ problems, this could be improved with very simple injections in this muscle with botulinum toxin.


Nasal Hump
Nasal Hump is a very common soft aesthetic service, easy to correct in minutes, painless, no down time with HA filler like Restylane lift. Nasal tip can also be made more defined and lifted during the same procedure.

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