Brazillian Butt Lift Non- Surgical

A Brazilian butt lift surgery is a renowned fat transfer procedure that is known to augment the shape and size of the buttocks without any implants. Through this surgery, excess fat is removed from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs using liposuction method, and this collected fat is then injected into the buttocks. 

At Forever Medspa, we have skilled cosmetic surgeons who know how to improve the proportions of your entire lower body with Brazilian butt lift surgery. They have helped tons of patients with fat loss in common “problem areas” and helped them attain the buttocks of their dreams too with long-lasting results. 

Everyone wants a round and fuller looking butt, without side dips or hip dips and a smooth firm glowing skin. Different treatment methods could be used in conjunction or separate. These include sculptra, fat transfer, implants, thread lifts, radio-frequency. Brazilian butt lift surgery in New Jersey with sculptra, thread lifts, radiofrequency are amongst them with no down time and simple office procedure. At Forever Medspa & Wellness Center the later three are provided. So what are you waiting for? Get Brazilian Butt Lifts for a low price at Forever Medspa today! 

Why get Brazilian butt lift done?

The shape and proportion of your buttocks are largely determined by genetics and also by the skeletal structure and how your body stores fat. All these factors influence the appearance of the lower body and a healthy diet and exercise can help in achieving a healthy weight, but many people remain unhappy with their ‘flat’ buttocks devoid of shape. 

Brazilian butt lift surgery helps to overcome the undesirable effects of genetics and reshape the buttocks and surrounding areas, such as the hips, thighs, and lower back. It also – 

  • Enhances the curves of the lower body
  • Reduces fat pockets present in hips, thighs and belly and adds fullness to them 
  • Helps clothes fit perfectly 
  • Gives a youthful, aesthetically-pleasing shape to earlier flat buttocks 
  • Improves the lower body proportions to give balance between the upper and lower body

Now that you know how a good BBL surgery works and how it can help with your goals, we have enlisted various methods used at Forever MedSpa & Wellness Center for Brazilian Buttlift Surgery. All these methods are different from one another and we will see what is right for you depending on your overall body type. 

  • Shape Structure & Volume

Sculptra is a modified form of sugar molecule called Poly L Lactic Acid or PLLA, when injected under the skin stimulates the skin to form collagen. The resulting collagen provides the volume, which is long lasting and natural. Brazilian Butt Lift NJ with sculptra is done in 3-4 sessions, gradually assessing and sculpting the area with time in between the sessions about 4-8 weeks. Although the amount of the sculptra needed widely varies as it depends on what is the starting point and where one would want to be, most people need about 2-6 vials/side of the sculptra per session. At the time of the consultation area is examined, concerns and degree of correction, number of vials per treatment along with the cost per treatment and overall procedure is discussed. 

  • PDO thread Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery 

PDO threads with special barbs are inserted in a subcutaneous tissue. These threads have barbs in opposite directions at the opposite ends which bring the skin and soft tissue towards the center of the thread. The natural course of the PDO thread is to dissolve in the area where it is inserted in about six months depending on the size of the tread while being replaced by collagen. Each side may need 3-6 threads depending on the effect desired and weight of the tissue. 

  • Treatment of lower back fat and banana roll 

Since any projection is always sought in relation to the surrounding area, reduction of fat in above areas greatly enhances the results of the above treatment. Fat freezing with cryolipolysis equipment can help to take care without down time. Acutitie is a more advanced, minimally invasive method for moderate amount of fat or laxity for subcutaneous fat modulation and skin tightening. And when it comes to skin, sweat acts as another major problem. Try Mira Dry treatment for sweat reduction at Forever MedSpa and get rid of that ‘sweaty’ awkwardness.  

  • Skin and Cellulite 

Skin irregularities, cellulite could also be treated simultaneously or as separate procedures. Treatment with sculptra injection is done after the tight cellulite bands are broken also called Subcision with blunt tip cannula or sharp needle.  Brazilian Butt Lift surgery cost is minimal and helps you get rid of the annoying cellulite. Radio-Frequency Treatment with Morpheous 8 or Contour also helps to smooth out the irregularities, tighten the skin with improved texture and glow.

Who all are good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift surgery?

A Brazilian butt lift is obviously a great option if one wants to improve the shape and size of their buttocks. However, some patients who are better suited to the procedure are known to0 have experienced better results and hence it is important for you to have realistic expectations from this surgery, its recovery and final outcomes. If you tend to agree with the below mentioned points, then you will most likely form a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift surgery – 

  • You are looking for a buttock augmentation without any implants. 
  • You have a good skin tone in your hips and buttocks. 
  • You possess enough fat stores in surrounding areas to extract fat from for injection to be given in the buttocks. 
  • You will be able and willing to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for a period of several weeks. 

People often mistake a Brazilian butt lift for a traditional “lifting” procedure but it is not aimed at tightening the loose and sagging skin present on the buttocks. 

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