Jawline Enhancement

A sharp jawline is a sign of sharp features with less fat, and lack of gravity descent of jowls for both men and women which again is a sign of youth and strength. As we age, bone loss in the lower jaw creates wedging of the face as we go towards the ears, loosens the skin going down to the neck creating soft, flat transition from face to neck also creating loose skin under the chin and in the neck. Jowling could form excessive fat in the superficial fat pad without support or loose skin without support or excessive activity of the platysma muscle. In the presence of jowling there is also prejowl sulcus which is an indentation in the jawline between the chin and jowl.

Enhancement of the jawline can be done with correction of the above factors and jawline filler treatment.

Bone loss

Dermal filler could be used to fill and pronounce the look of the bony margin of the lower jaw. This also tightens skin under the chin. Filler that could be used for this purpose are firmer Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane Lyft, or Radiesse or collagen generating long lasting fillers like Sculptra and Bellafill.


To improve jawline filler could be introduced in front and behind and thus masking the appearance at the same time enhancing prominence of the lower jaw. In case of excessive fat, fat reducing modalities could also be used namely PCDC for fat dissolving, Accutite as minimally invasive radiofrequency modality, MiniFx as noninvasive RF and skin tightening.

Excessive activity of Platysma muscle

Platysma Muscle is a thin sheet that extends from the neck to the jaw line resting tone in this muscle reduces the sharpness to slanting the surface in the lower part of the face to the neck. Botulinum toxin given in the jaw line and in the prominent bands of this muscle will keep the muscle snug on the bone hence a sharpened jawline.

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