Mint Threads

Polydioxanone Threads (PDO Threads) are absorbable threads which have been used for years as absorbable suture material, but now are inserted in the skin layers for purpose of volume, lift, or loose skin and generate collagen in its place after it gets dissolved 

What kind of problems could be solved with PDO threads? 

Facial Cosmetic Problems 

Sagging cheeks, smile lines, jowls, sagging brow, crepey skin, flat cheeks, thin flat lips 

Body Cosmetic Problems 

Sagging skin under the chin “Turkey Neck”, wrinkles above knees and elbows, décolleté, abdomen, breast lifts, buttock lift 

How much is the downtime? 

Since this is minimally invasive, non-surgical intervention, a person should be good if off the work same evening but could resume work the next day. 

When do we see the effect? How long does the effect last? 

The effect depends on the type of treatment done for example lift effects with barb threads could be seen immediately but volume and skin tightening effect starts being noticeable in 3-4 weeks, improving over a period of six months and could maintain for about 18 months. Most people need a touch up in about a year to maintain the full results. 

Who is the “IDEAL” candidate? 

  • Mild to moderate of the indications above 
  • Botox and dermal fillers not within two weeks 
  • Not on blood thinners
  • Realistic expectations

What to expect?
During the consultation clients concerns will be discussed and the plan of treatment will be formulated. The area of the treatment is thoroughly cleaned. For volume and supporting threads, anesthesia is mostly not needed as pain perception is mild, however topical anesthesia may be used in sensitive areas. Local anesthesia is generally given for thicker barb or holding threads.

Post-procedure some redness is noticed in the area of treatment. Pain and inflammation may be felt and may increase for 2-3 days, after which starts to calm down. Mild over the counter analgesic could be used along with topical application of NSAIDS.

What are the Different types of PDO threads?

  • Plain threads used generally building mesh network
  • Twisted threads for volume
  • Barb threads for lifting
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