Skin Treatment and Maintenance

Skin is an envelope on the facial structure and largest organ in the body, hence changes with the aging and stresses are directly visible on the skin. At Forever Medspa, in New Jersey skin treatments are carried with utmost care and patience. 

Skin is a barrier to all the external stress like heat, cold, UV rays. But in the face skin also feels internal stress through contraction of expressing muscles. 

It also feels the pull of gravity, and as we age the duration of this pull is increasing so as the lengthening of the ligaments. These effects get accentuated when the underlying support is less form loss of fat and bone. 

As we age the production of the collagen also declines, reducing the repair process. 

The changes appear externally early as rough uneven skin, dry, lack of glow, uneven skin tone, then progress to fine lines and with addition of loss of volume and gravity develop wrinkles. As the skin sees more changes more aggressive treatments are required.

Skin improves by providing adequate nutrition and being healthy in the first place. The next is providing direct nutrition and stimulating factors that could be started from facials and could be advanced with infusion methods like Aqua Facial

Controlled damage provided to the skin lets the body provide extra attention to the skin this starts with topical application of the Retinoic acid at increasing strength as the skin builds tolerance. 

Further controlled damage could be provided with lasers and light therapy. 

Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion mechanically remove the top dead skin leaving smooth glowing skin. Dermaplaning also removes peach hair. IPL is intense light concentrated on a small area, this is used to improve red, brown spots, sun spots, capillaries and in general even toning of the skin. This could be used only on skin type 1-3 when skin is not tanned. No pain or down time associated with this treatment. 

Fractional Laser for skin resurfacing targets water under the skin and stimulates collagen production, this can also breakdown melasma pigment in deeper layers of the skin. The fractional part means that the damage is done in controlled micro-points with interspersed normal skin for quicker healing and less downtime. 

Fine lines will improve with this modality, for skin type 1-4, non-tanned skin and needs topical numbing. 

Radio-frequency with Microneedling done with Morpheus 8 and Fractora helps provide heat at different levels under the skin form 0.5mm to 5mm, even remodulating subcutaneous fat. This most aggressive non invasive modality for improving lax skin for the lower jaw, around the eyes, forehead, neck, decolletage, breast, belly, legs, hands. Significant improvement could be seen in the stretch marks as well. The procedure needs topical numbing and has downtime depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment form 2-7 days. 

Accutite is a minimally invasive method using radiofrequency with a probe that enters from a tiny hole made with a needle. Numbing is done through injectable lidocaine to the area targeted. It can tighten the upper and lower eyelids without an incision, any loose skin in the face, under the chin, belly. Because it works at the levels subcutaneous it can help to reduce submental fat and nasolabial fat. 

Mesotherapy It is a way of introducing serums, growth factors directly to the skin we use Microneedling and Hydra needles as methods to provide mesotherapy. 

Microneedling could be done with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or can be done with Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) both provided concentration of grown factors to the controlled damage created with microneedling. 

Hydra Needle facial is done with a unique combination of botulinum toxin, Hyaluronic acid and a blend of skin vitamins injected with the channels of the Hydra Needle intradermal. This provides immediate skin tightening, glow, reduction in size of pores. 

Chemical Peels is a chemical means of controlling injury to the skin. A stronger peel means deeper effect. Peels are hence classified as superficial, medium depth and deep peels. Peels can be used to target uneven tone, fine lines, pigment, acne prevention and treatment. Please see the details of different kinds of peels in the peels section.

Normal Skin Maintenance

Treatment ModalitySkin TypeTanned SkinDown timeNumber of TreatmentNumbing
FacialAnyYNoneMonthly or as neededN
Aquafacial AnyYNoneMonthly or as neededN
DermaplaningAnyYNoneMonthly or as neededN
MicrodermabrasionAnyYNoneMonthly or as neededN
Microneedling AnyY1 - 3 daysEvery 2 - 3 monthsY
Skin Peel superficialAnyY2 - 4 daysEvery 2 - 3 monthsN
1064 Laser Facial
LightNNone6 - 12 monthsN
IPLLightNNoneEvery 2 - 3 monthsN
1540 Fractional laserLightN2 - 3 days(mainly redness6 - 12 monthsY
Morpheus 8AnyN2 - 3 days(mainly rednessYearlyY

Sun Spots

Treatment ModalitySkin TypeTanned SkinDown TimeNumber of TreatmentNumbing
IPLLightNNone4 monthly treatmentsY
Skin PeelAnyY2 - 4 days4 monthly treatmentsN

Skin Fine Lines

Treatment ModalitySkin TypeTanned SkinDown TimeNumber of TreatmentNumbing
Skin PeelAnyY2 - 4 days2 - 3 monthly treatmentsN
Microneedling deep with or without prp
AnyY1 - 4 days2 - 3 treatments done 3 - 4 monthly Y
Smooth PDO threadsAnyYNone1 - 3 treatments monthlyN
1540 Fractional laserLightN2 - 3 days(mainly redness2 - 3 monthly treatmentsY
Morpheus 8AnyY2 - 3 days(mainly redness2 - 3 monthly treatments Y
Medium Depth TCA PeelLightY1 - 2 weeks 6 months to yearly treatmentN
Factora (ablative)LightY3 - 7 days1 - 3 treatmentsN

Skin Wrinkles

Treatment ModalitySkin TypeTanned SkinDown TimeNumber of TreatmentNumbing
Morpheus 8AnyY2 - 3 days(mainly redness2 - 4 treatments monthlyY
Morpheus 8+1540LightN2 - 3 days(mainly redness2 - 4 monthly treatmentsY
Morpheus 8+ Factora (ablative)
LightY3 - 7 days2 - 4 monthly treatmentsY
Skin Peel (post Morpheus 8)LightY2 - 4 days1 - 2 N


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