Botulinium Toxin Cosmetic Uses

Skin changes with passage of time, these changes happen due to accumulated sun damage and reduced collagen in the skin at different layers, the result is skin that is less elastic and more prone to wear and tear. Our muscles in the face constantly put a strain on the skin with movements.

Botulinum toxin is a group of protein derived from bacteria which can reduce the movement of the muscle by reducing stimulation from the nerve-muscle junction, thus it reduces and prevents the effect of the strain put on the skin for facial expression. Effect starts in 3-5 days and full effect is noticed in 7-10 days. The Effects of botulinum toxin last for about 2-4 months when given in appropriate doses. In the US there are four brands used, these are BotoxDysportXeomin and Jeuveau, with differences in how these are extracted and stabilized with slight differences in the dosages, duration and onset. The uses of Botulinum toxin could be divided into Cosmetic and Non- Cosmetic uses. The Non-Cosmetic uses may include treatment and prevention of migraine headache, dystonias, pain management for certain spasms, sweat reductions.

Cosmetic Treatment with Botulinum toxin as following advantages.


Not just treats but prevents

Quick Lunch time procedure

No down time

Non permanent

Almost painless


Cosmetic Treatment with botulinum toxin could be divided into two kinds, the first one being treatment of lines and wrinkles created with expression of facial muscles and the other is facial balance. We also call it Botulinum Special Effects.

Treatment of wrinkles and creases

  • Frown Lines ‘11’ or ‘111’ these are line formed in the center of the forehead vertically when we frown or squint and makes us look ‘upset’
  • Crow’s feet refers to radial wrinkles seen on the side of the eyes especially when we smile and sometimes makes us conscious when we are trying to smile.
  • Worry lines are horizontal lines on the forehead and are noticed when we raise our eyebrows making us look worried.

Botulinum Special Effect

Certain shapes and proportions are considered aesthetically pleasant. Botox has been there for more than 2 decades in the field of cosmetics. The knowledge of these facial proportions and experience with Botulinum has led to certain treatments here at Forever Medspa and Wellness Center we call them Botulinum Special effects. These effects may be sometimes seen with very small amounts but still be pleasant and noticeable.

  • Eyebrow lift
    A small amount of botox given in the outer ⅔ of the eyebrow just underneath, this weakens the circular eye closing muscle leading to 1-2 mm rise. This lifts the outer ⅓ of the eyebrow creating high arched and lifted appearance.
  • Lip-Flip
    The visibility of the lip can be increased with eversion of the lips by weakening the circular muscle around the lips. This gives the appearance of some pout and the visibility is increased, this can also complement a lip filler.
  • Gummy smile treatment
    Sometimes the unwanted appearance of the gums happens with a smile and makes someone self-conscious. Botulinum toxin is given in the side of the nose to reduce this pull of the lip. This brings the appropriate proportion of the teeth visible and confident smile.
  • Sad smile
    This is inverted U like lip expression and accentuating the Marionette line due to increased activity of the DOA muscle which can be improved with a small amount of the toxins given next to the corners of the mouth.
  • Turkey neck and Jawline
    Platysma muscle in the neck could be weakened at strategic points to improve the jawline.
  • Square jaw and prominent Masseter muscle
    This can soften the lower jaw, make the face look longer and narrower. This is also a part of liquid facelift which is also called a Y lift. The procedure also helps in pain and spasm related to TMJ.
  • Dimpled irregular chin.
    Botulinum toxin could also be used for smoothing chin dimples
  • Skin tightening and shrinking pores
    The skin could be tightened and pores could be shrunken botox given very superficial called intradermal placement. This effect lasts longer than the above effects ie for 6-9 months instead of the typical 3 months. The effect could be combined with many other cosmetic treatments including fillers and radiofrequency treatment


At Forever Medspa a careful assessment of each and every client is done during the initial consultation keeping in mind cosmetic needs of any client are as unique as the individual.

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