Micro needling is a cosmetic procedure, where controlled damage is done in the skin that leads to a cascade of repair mechanism. It involves pricking the skin with tiny mechanized vertically vibrating needles. It hastens cell turnover in epidermis, increases collagen into dermis and hypodermis.

Micro needling can help in following conditions and skin maintenance

  • Skin fine lines
    • Acne scars
    • Hair loss
    • Pigment issues
    • Photo damage
    • Stretch marks
    • Age related damage


What to expect with the treatment?

The skin is cleansed, numbed for about 15-45 mins depending upon the depth of the treatment, deeper treatment needs longer duration of the numbing. Microneedling procedure is done depending on the condition to be treated or for maintenance. Tiny channels made during the treatment could be used to provide additional growth factors, peptides, vitamins and antioxidants. Hence micro needling could be combined with PRP, fibroblast growth factor.
The treatment is mildly painful. Last about 10-15 mins. Pinpoint bleeding, mild bruising with aggressive treatment, and redness is noticed. Soreness may last for 4 hours. Cold compress will help and sometimes mild hydrocortisone could be used if itching. The skin will be dry and need to be moisturized. Some peeling may happen
in the next 2-4 days or remain red or swollen for 1-5 days.


What are pre procedure instructions?
Blood thinners should be avoided for 1 week prior, avoid alcohol. Avoid retinoic acid about 7 days prior. No recent sun injury. If history of cold sores should then have acyclovir ideally a day prior but could be started on the day of the treatment.


What is post procedure care?
Avoid direct sun exposure, keep skin moisturized, hold on retinoic acid preparation for a week after treatment. Post treatment regime if prescribed.


Who should not get micro needling?

Any one with history of Keloid
Active inflammatory skin disease
Uncontrolled diabetes or immunocompromised.
Use of Isotretinoin within last 6 months
History of PIH
Infection or inflammation in the area of the treatment.


How often it could be done and how many treatments are required?
Again this depends on the condition being treated but it could be repeated as soon as every week. It is generally used as a maintenance treatment once a month. For the purpose of skin wrinkles, acne scars, deeper treatment for about 6 sessions are needed. The treatment healing and improvement continues to happen after deeper micro needling sessions up to 3 months.


Can it be combined with other cosmetic treatments?
It could be combined with other cosmetic treatments like botox, fillers, skin lasers, just not at the same time.