Smile Lines

What are Smile lines?

Smile lines, as the name suggests are a number of mild lines that appear on the outer sides of your eyes when you smile. It is considered as one of the prominent and very evident signs of ageing. Women today are looking for alternates to surgical methods to treat and reverse this much evident sign of ageing.

How can smile lines be treated without medical surgery?

  1. BOTOX
    BOTOX is not a very popular method when it comes to treating the smile lines. It is usually used in a combo with the non-surgical fillers in order to give the side-eye area a smoother finish and the desired relaxation.
  1. Dermal Fillers
    Dermal fillers are the most popular and trusted non-surgical treatments referred for treating the smile lines. The gel-like fillers are very carefully injected at the desired

skin area on the sides of your eyes in order to provide the required smoothness. The wrinkle-like formation on the sides of your eyes is filled with these fillers which results in smoothening of the skin area. As a result, the wrinkles no longer appear during contraction of the side skin when you smile.

How much does a smile lines treatment cost?
Each syringe used to inject the gel-like dermal fillers into the outer sides of the eyes costs between $800-$1500. However, your total costs are affected by a lot of factors including the quality of the dermal fillers used, the experience level of the professional treating you and the number of fillers used.

How long does the smile lines treatment take?
It takes about 50 minutes to complete the entire process. This time can be matched only if the professional performing the treatment is experienced enough.

Will there be any side-effects following the filler procedure?
Numbness, redness of the treated skin area, swelling or irritation may follow. A mild feeling of nausea is possible as well. However, all these possible effects are temporary in nature and are not at all risky.

How long will the results of the laugh lines treatment last?
The desired results last any time between 3 to 5 months in time. The exact duration is highly dependent on the quality of the fillers, the amount of it injected into the skin and the response of the candidate’s skin to the entire procedure.

Why choose MedSpa?
If you have allowed the visible signs of ageing like smile lines to harm your self-esteem, then there is absolutely no reason to worry. MedSpa is here to solve all your issues with its experienced team of professionals which is constantly upgrading on the cosmetic sciences. A fact that just cannot be ignored before initiating any facial treatment is that the person treating your face must be a highly trained professional in the field. Our MedSpa medical professionals are exactly the solution providers you are looking for. Get an appointment fixed with us now and we look forward to seeing you!

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