Microdermabrasion Aftercare

  • Your skin may feel warm and tingling or sting like sunburn for one to three hours after the treatment; rarely, this may persist for several days. A cool cloth will help reduce this sensation as well as the redness and or swelling that may be present.


  • Avoid direct unprotected sun exposure, including tanning beds for two weeks after your treatment and use an SPF 30 sunblock.


  • Avoid overheating such as intense workouts, hot showers, hot tubs, etc. for 24 hours following your treatment.


  • Only use cleanser this evening and resume your usual skincare regimen tomorrow (including tretinoin).  If you are on effective Vitamin C product, you may use this as well tonight after cleansing.


  • Depending on the aggressiveness of your treatment, you may see tiny pinpoint red ‘dots’. This is normal and will resolve within several days and may be covered with make-up. You may also experience some light flaking.


  • Best results are seen with multiple visits, done in a series. You may notice some immediate effects after just one treatment but typically several are necessary.  Results will vary and are more apparent when combined with a skincare product regimen and other treatments like BOTOX®, dermal fillers, and laser facials.


  • Treatments are typically spaced 3-4 weeks apart for 6 to 8 treatments.   Maintenance treatments should be done two to three times per year.


  • If you are concerned about a reaction of some kind or experience any symptoms beyond those anticipated, please call the office at 2013404809.
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