Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is very commonly desired aesthetic procedure which can be used to enhance small thin lips or sometimes volumizing and reshaping normal size lips.Other lip enhancements are as follows firming and projecting Cupid’s bow, defining Philthrium columns, vermilion border or enhancement in the lip liner area. Lip pout or projecting central area of the lip could be done with combination of the filler and botulinum toxin. 

Lip volumization is done with soft HA filler, these fillers are injected in a very thin layer just underneath the surface. Lips are very sensitive and numbing is needed topical or with dental block depending on the method used to enhance. Here at Forever Medspa Dr. Keswani is proficient in using blunt tip cannula and needle method. When using the needle we use the finest needle to make the procedure comfortable. Lip enhancement could be done most of the times in 1 session and usually one ml of soft HA filler like Restylane silk, or Juvederm Ultra Xc, but some times if the lips are very small the procedure repeat procedure is needed.



Alternative or complimentary treatments

Lip flip procedure can be combined with filler or done individually for improved pout.

Lip PDO threads could be one to enhance lip liner area and overall defined lips, especially if swelling in the first week of the filler is not desired, these PDO threads dissolve in about 1 month but during this time the threads also stimulate collagen production.

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