Excessive sweating is a very common problem and common areas of affection are underarms, hands and feet. The sweat may create issues of odor, staining, and sense of discomfort which in turn may reduce the confidence of an individual. Using antiperspirant on a daily basis will help for few hours effectively but will never be consistent and neither deodorants will be enough to mask excessive sweating. 

Following modalities are used to help clients with this issue.

Botulinum Toxin

Botox/Dysport/Xeomin could be used in diluted form placed in superficial layer with as series of injections can reduce the production of the sweat. The effect of sweat reduction lasts longer than the wrinkle reduction effect i.e.  with duration of 6-9 months, as compared to 3 months for the wrinkle reduction treatment. There is no downtime with the procedure, the area is numbed for comfort and procedure takes only 15 mins with relief for 6-9 months. 

Morpheus 8 RFMN

Radio-frequency done deep with needles will permanently affect the surrounding sweat glands, 2-3 treatments are required to significantly reduced the sweating to cover all the sweat glands. The reduction of the sweating is permanent. Numbing is used to make the procedure comfortable, actual treatment time is 15-20 minutes. Treatment causes redness, mild swelling and may reduce some hair as well. Since the area can be covered there is no actual downtime.