COVID-19 Related Information & Changes

Hi Friends, it has been long time since we have met! We are overly excited to see you!!
During this COVID 19 pandemic while reopening the safety of our clients and staff is our utmost priority.
In this video you will see the new protocol that we have adapted form checking in to checking out.
See you soon!!!

General but critical precautions

1. If you are sick, with symptoms of the cold, running nose, sore throat, breathing difficulties, diarrhea, fevers then you should refrain from coming to the clinic. Depending upon severity of your symptoms you must seek appropriate medical care.
2. Only the person who needs a procedure will be allowed in the clinic. We will not permit any friend or family to enter the clinic with you, but we do offer virtual consultations where upon a client’s consent, one friend or family member will be allowed.
3. Clients are expected to follow social distancing and have their face covered with a mask.

4. Affirming and acknowledging the  prescreening on phone/text or email.

I acknowledge and understand that there is an increased risk that COVID-19 can be transmitted in any place of public accommodation, including A medical clinic like ours , and I have been informed that my physician desires to protect the safety of the office and the clients, staff and other individuals who come upon the premises

Accordingly, as a precondition to rendering treatment, I have confirmed that
1. I have no symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, including fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, running nose or sore throat.
2. I have not, within the past 14 days, travelled by airplane, been in close proximity (less than 6 feet proximity) at a gathering of 10 or more persons.
3. I have not been in close contact with a person who has confirmed positive or suspected to be positive for COVID-19.
4. Or I was diagnosed COVID-19 positive 4 weeks ago and I am a symptomatic for last 4 week (please provide the date of being COVID-19 test positive).

To be replied in the email or the text the way you have been communicated, that you acknowledge, understand and confirm the precondition to entering the premises and rendering treatment.

Modifications in the services:

Only Medical Procedures will be performed. 

Our Esthetician/Spa services will not be started upon immediate reopening this includes, Facials, Aqua Skin Facial, Derma-planing, Micro dermabrasion, superficial micro needling.

Anyone who has purchased services as package but have not been performed, the amount corresponding to the used services could be refunded or transferred to other services a 10% discount will be provided if the amounts are transferred to any other service.

At time of booking an appointment

1. If you’re a new client, you will have to fill out the intake form online.
2. Any clients coming in for their procedure will receive the Pre and Post Procedure care, consents to be signed in email. The clients will have ability to go over these documents online.
3. COVID 19 Related precautions will also be sent online.

Checking in

Clients check in while in the parking lot with a phone call or text. The clients wait in the parking lot until they receive a call or text to come in.

Entering the double door

There are three steps you must follow
Step1: Sanitize your hands
Step 2: Put on gloves
Step 3: Sanitize your phone

Entering the office

Once you have entered the office, you will notice the following changes: The waiting area in the reception is not open and office refreshments and magazines are now removed. The communicating areas ie the front desk, nursing stations have cough/ sneeze barrier. The doors are kept open and hand sanitizers are placed in multiple locations to be used at your convenience. In the office the staff will be wearing the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
A temperature check will be done, and the client will walk straight to the procedure room.

In the Procedure room

During the procedure, the provider will be wearing appropriate mask, face shield, hair cover, gloves, and disposable gowns which will be changed with every client.

Check out

1. One client will be checking out at a time.
2. Credit card and Care credit transactions will not need to be signed but text confirmation will be done with the amount being charge.
3. For Cash transactions gloves will be used by the client to provide the cash amount and then hands to be sanitized and gloves to be put on again post transaction.
4. Upon leaving a garbage can is provided at the exit to dispose of any gloves.

Important Information about COVID-19

Source- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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