Botox, Dysport, Post Procedure Instructions

Post Procedure:

  • Avoid lying down for four hours following treatment.
  • Avoid wearing hats for 24 hour following treatment.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours following treatment (it won’t affect results but will thin your blood and
    increase chances of bruising).
  • Avoid working out for 24 hours following treatment.
  • Avoid manipulation of the area the first twenty-four-hours after procedure. NO RUBBING IN FIRST 4 HOURS.

Note: The measures above should minimize the possibility of ptosis (drooping of the eyelid). If It does happen, the
practitioner can prescribe eye drops that will help.

  • Treatment effect may take 4-14 days to appear.
  • The benefits may last 2-6 months, the average is 3 months. Results can vary and results are not guaranteed.
  • A touch-up may be necessary in 1-2 weeks. Please make a virtual follow-up appointment if needed.
  • Contact the nurse practitioner as soon as possible after the fourteen [14 th ] day if you have not received the
    desired effect.
  • The above 2 bullet points are more important for clients who are new to practice or do treatments inconsistently or do not have records from prior practitioner or doing treatments with lesser dose but earlier than usual.

For any questions or concerns, please call the office at Office.Phone In the event of a medical emergency,
immediately go to the nearest hospital and/or ER or dial 911. By signing below, I am consenting that I have received post
procedure Instructions and agree to follow the recommended guidelines and all my questions or concerns have been

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