Hair Restoration with PRP New Jersey : the unexpected solution!

September 13, 2021
September 13, 2021 Dr. K

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), a renowned means for hair restoration which utilises your blood to incite hair growth. PRP Hair Transplant is now helpful for various other uses like skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. It is unquestionably the best treatment for all hair problems. 

Being one of the most reliable treatments for hair restoration, PRP Hair Restoration Treatment is efficient for all genders and is highly assuring as a treatment for hair thinning and spotted baldness. The effects are different depending upon the requirements of the individual. 

We are here to help you break all the myths regarding your hair restoration treatments and make an informed decision. Why waste your best years fighting bald spots? Learn more about PRP and make an appointment with our experts at Forever MedSpa.

Natural Healing Power of PRP

The technology behind PRP is the same as that of the restorative properties and growth functions of platelets. Platelets help in healing wounds and incite the growth of tissues in the human body. PRP Hair Restoration is relatively safe as it involves the body’s natural mechanism. Let us discuss in detail why you should choose Forever MedSpa.

Better than the rest

Extracting and treating the cells from an individual’s blood to inject back into the scalp: helps with the natural healing process. This process is famous and most trusted because of its painless and safe nature. We at Forever MedSpa make sure to fulfil your requirements. Once injected, the method of centrifugation separates the platelets and increase the frequency of growth 4-9 times. This enhanced growth factor strengthens your hair, reduces hair fall and supports new hair growth by inciting the stem cells.

Amazing cure for Thinning hair  

Hair Restoration with PRP New Jersey is the most dependable treatment for thinning hair and helps in improving the hair diameter with great success and minimal downtime.  

Male-Pattern Baldness

PRP Hair Restoration has recorded an outstanding success rate during early and mid-stages of male-pattern baldness and can assist in enhancing the results.

Female-Pattern Baldness

PRP Hair Restoration is the only effective way known to be efficient in managing female-pattern baldness. It is also a great solution for hair thinning in women. 

Safe method 

This treatment is performed using your blood: it is reliable, secure, and free of side effects. If combined with other treatments, it can provide better results.

Extracting a small quantity of your blood and using it in PRP hair restoration. After installing an extractor, a method that separates the platelets, these blood cells assist in creating a model and in increasing growth agents. Injecting the extracted serum back into the scalp around hair follicles. The PRP Hair Treatment in New Jersey treatment takes no more than an hour or two. PRP is a non-invasive method that is mild and safe while being effective. Hair PRP treatment is remarkably affordable. You will get the utmost attention throughout the procedure to make it painless. Using a nerve block along with a local numbing cream can reduce the pain. It is common to experience mild redness and soreness.

When can the results be seen?

Results will be visible in approximately 3-6 months, as you can experience an increase in the density of the hair.

Is there maintenance required?

PRP is recommended twice a year for maintaining the effects after the original series of treatments are completed. Minimal maintenance and a great result make PRP the best in the Industry.

Does it work along with other treatments?

Yes, it can be effective when combined with other treatments like Minoxidil, Propecia both before and after treatment. Most often than not, you will require only PRP treatment for your hair problems. Whether you need to combine other treatments or not differs from person to person. Please make sure to check your health with our experts before starting any treatments.

Who is it not for?

People with blood disorders, low platelet counts, immune-compromised, blood-related cancer patients: those who completed their treatment, those on chemotherapy, bleeding disorder, local site infection and other causes of hair reduction like skin disorders, fungal infections, thyroid disorders are advised not to undergo this treatment. 

Why do you want to wait till you lose all your hair? Book consultation now at Forever MedSpa and Wellness Center. We give you the best advice possible when it comes to your needs and requirements. How can we arrive at a favorable decision without analyzing the past and present first? Our professionals will guide you in the right direction. Take an informed decision with Forever MedSpa. 

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