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Double Chin

Double Chin

Primarily due to age, but also as the result of losing weight, skin begins to lose its elasticity. When that happens, it sags. Loose skin beneath the chin leads to a “double chin,” something that affects both men and women.

A double chin reduces the appearance of a sharp, beautiful jaw line. Because of deposits of fat that accumulate behind the chin, this problem eliminates the differentiation of the face from the neck, making them appear as one. If you have this problem and want to do something about it, contact Deepak Forever Med Spa. During your consultation, Dr. Keswani will advise you of the safest and most effective options available.

PCDC Injections

Dr. Keswani can inject a compound known as PCDC, which dissolves fat cells, into the affected area. That combined with inflammation tightens the skin to some degree. As the jawline becomes visible, it defines the space between the face and neck. Most patients achieve the best outcome when the doctor spreads out treatments four to six weeks apart.

Although the injection of the PCDC compound can cause post-treatment pain and mild swelling, these typically fade between 10 days to 2 weeks. Because these side effects are so slight, there is no reason to restrict your work or other activities; in other words, with this treatment, there is no downtime.


Skin Fillers

Skin Filler could be used as an adjuvant to above at the jawline and cheek just under the bone which can flatten the soft bulge under the chin. This gives the effect of virtual neck lift.


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