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Popular Treatments for Men

When it comes to wanting to look healthy and young, there is little difference between men and women. In fact, some men feel obsessed about the way they look; because of that, they use various services to treat a broad range of “imperfections.” Deepak Forever Med Spa has the right solution for each one.

Worry Lines

Botox is one of the best ways to treat worry lines. As an injectable form of botulinum toxin A, it causes muscles in the forehead to freeze temporarily. Although you will notice some improvement immediately, the full effect typically appears in a few weeks.

Frown Lines

Just like worry lines, developing frown lines is a common problem associated with age. Unfortunately, men with these lines tend to look mad or grumpy all the time, even when they feel happy. Although there are several viable treatment options, botulinum toxin A injections, otherwise known as Botox, work amazingly well. Not only is this non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA, but it produces optimal results. With Botox, muscles temporarily freeze, causing frown lines to disappear.

Front Cheek Augmentation

“Empty front face” can happen due to a loss of fat and support on the cheek bones. Common in men, this causes hollowing on the sides of the nose and makes the jowls more prominent. Instead of going through a risky surgery, Dr. Deepak can perform a non-invasive procedure that yields incredible results. For example, dermal fillers add volume to the cheek area, making them appear fuller and healthier. Along with filling hollows, this treatment plumps and contoursflat cheekbones.

Deep Crease Filling

Deep creases are often one of the more challenging things to tackle. In this case, it is common for doctors to use a combination of Botox and dermal fillers. Both treatments are non-invasive and, thus, safe. Because Botox relaxes or freezes muscle around the target area, the skin becomes smoother. Dermal fillers also add plumpness. With the two treatments combined, deep creases become less noticeable.

Beard Reshaping

For men who like nicely shaped beards, Market Elite + is a laser treatment that significantly reduces hair. As a result, men find it easier to maintain the perfect shapewithout making frequent visits to the barber or spending valuable time in front of the mirror each morning.

Back of Neck Hair Removal

It is even possible to eliminate unwanted hair on the back of the neck and back through laser therapy, one of the most effective solutions. Depending on your skin type, Dr. Deepak uses either the 1064 YAG laser device or the Elite Plus Laser machine with Alexandrite laser. In both instances, a concentrated beam of light targets a specific area. The intense heat of the light damages the hair follicles and prevents further growth.

PRP Hair Restoration

If you have thinning areas of hair, Dr. Deepak offers a revolution treatment called PRP Hair Restoration. PRP, which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, involves using a small amount of your blood. The vial of extracted blood goes into a centrifuge that separates essential proteins that promote new hair growth.

After adding an extracellular matrix to stimulate the enriched cells, Dr. Deepak injects the solution into the scalp. For optimal results, you will need multiple injections spread out over a six- to eight-week period. After about five months, most men begin to see significant improvement.

Double Chin Treatment

Along with belly fat, many men struggle with double chins. Even men without significant body fat deal with this annoying problem. The number of fat cells does not change after early childhood; that means itremainsthe same until gaining a lot of weight, at which point fat cells increase in size. However, having a simple compound known as PCDC injected dissolves fat cells.

With a PCDC treatment, there is also some skin tightening caused by slight inflammation that develops from the process. That, too,defines characteristics of the face, including the neck and masculine jaw line. For optimum results, you will need about four treatments, spaced one month apart.

Local Fat Reduction

PCDC is also an excellent treatment for spot fat reduction. Not only does this work great fora double chin, butalso fat around the abdomen, back, legs, and arms. Combined with weight loss, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sometimes, medications, PCDC works incredible well.

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