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People often mistake Rosacea as a severe case of acne. Causing redness and, in many instances, small red bumps filled with pus, this is an embarrassing skin condition to have. Although Rosacea can affect anyone, it primarily targets fair-skinned women in their 30s and 40s. Instead of living with the effects of Rosacea, Dr. Deepak with Deepak Forever Med Spa can help with MaxG IPL.

What is MaxG IPL?

MaxG is a type of device that delivers intense pulse light (IPL), promotinguniform healing across an entire area of large blood vessels. For redness and broken blood vessels on the face caused by Rosacea, as well as damage from exposure to the sun, this treatment yields exceptional results. Also referred to as a photofacial, MaxG IPL captures the power of light to improve the effects of this skin condition and others.

What Does MaxG IPL Do?

Along with improving the effects of Rosacea, MaxG IPL treats vascular lesions, pigmented Actinic Keratosis, port wine stains, spider veins, age, liver, and sunspots, and more. If you have Rosacea or another skin imperfection, this one type of treatment can tackle everything at once. Not only does this IPL work on the face, but it also improves problems areas on the hands.

A process known as Dynamic Spectrum Shifting enhances the absorption of hemoglobin and heats blood in melanin. The dual bands of wavelengths work by closing large vessels, resulting in uniform healing.

Compared to non-optimized pulsed light, the MaxG handheld device that Dr. Deepak uses delivers increased energy and provides higher fluences capable of addressing resistant medium- to large-sized vessels. It also has higher peak power for treating small vessels.

What to Expect with MaxG IPL

With the MaxG handheld device, Dr. Deepak can provide overall skin revitalization. For the first two to three days following the procedure, your skin will probably feel sunburned. Sometimes, small dark spots and scabs also develop, as doslight bruising, swelling, and even blistering. Immediately following a MaxG IPL treatment, the blood vessels turn gray, white, red, or purple. However, any discoloration fades within two weeks.

It can take between four to five treatments to achieve optimal Rosacea-treatment results. As a safe and effective option with no downtime, MaxG IPL is an excellent way to improve the effects this skin condition causes.

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