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Laser “Summer” Facial – 1064 Laser

Everyone wants to look their best during the summer. If you have loose skin caused by aging or struggle with acne scarring, a laser “summer” facial with a 1064 laser can boost your confidence!

What is a 1064 Laser Facial?

With age, collagen levels decrease, causing loose skin and wrinkles. Not only does this restorative treatment promote collagen growth but it can also improve redness known as facial telangiectasia. Overall, skin tone and texture improve, giving skin a healthier and more youthful appearance.

There are two primary types of 1064 laser treatments that target both male and female facial skin. The first is a 1064 skin tightening procedure. The second type treats facial acne, a skin condition that affects up to 80 percent of people between 11 and 30 years of age. For this, a Q-Switched ND:YAG laser or 1064 nm promotes wound healing.

How Does a 1064 Summer Facial Work?

A 1064 skin tightening treatment simultaneously triggers collagen production and tightens the skin. By delivering energy and heat to deep layers of the skin, healing, regeneration, and collagen growth occur. In response, blood circulation increases. With regular treatments, you will also notice that fine lines and wrinkles diminish.

With a 1064 skin tightening summer facial, there is minimal downtime. Immediately following the treatment, you may experience some swelling and redness at the target site, but that will subside within a few hours. For optimal results, most patients need between three and six procedures, waiting four weeks in between each. During your consultation, you will learn if you're the ideal candidate for this procedure.

A Q-Switched mode ND:YAG laser or 1064 nm summer facial helps reduce acne scarring. Because this laser has a subtle thermal effect only on the top layer of skin, there is little, if any, impact on the epidermis. Improvement ranges between 25 and 75 percent depending on severity, as well as the number of treatments.

Immediately following a Q-switched ND:YAG laser or 1064 nm, you may feel a slight burning sensation, which will only last a few hours, and mild swelling that can take two to three weeks to disappear.

Who Benefits the Most?

Although both “summer” facials are effective, non-invasive, and cause no significant side effects, results are best for patients with mild to moderate skin elasticity or acne scarring. Pregnant women, those with certain medical conditions or taking certain medications do not usually make good candidates. During your consultation, it will be determined if either treatment is right for you.

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