Skin Laser Treatment Deal – 15% off


Lasers included in this deal are Pico Laser, 1064 laser, and CO2 laser, individual laser treatment will be 15% off. A package which is a discounted price will be further discounted by 5%.

  • Pico laser is used for collagen induction, treating sun spots, and tattoo removal. Pico Fractional laser can be used in collagen induction, treatment of scars, and fine line sun damage. It can be used for skin types 1-5. Generally 3-5 treatments are needed depending on the indication.
  • 1064 Laser is a no down time, almost painless treatment which can induce collagen in the dermis, improves oily skin, and prevent and treat acne. The treatment can be used for treating and maintaining skin and is repeated 1-2 times monthly. It can be used for all skin types. This laser can also treat broken capillaries, spider veins, and reduce hair in the treated area.
  • CO2 laser, an ablative skin laser treatment, needs a topical numbing agent. It is a treatment for only light skin tone, generally also have blonde hair, blue/green eyes. It treats sun damage, improves fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Procedure has a down time of 3-10 days and sometimes prolonged redness for 2-4 wks. It could be done once a year for maintenance or 2-3 treatments 8 wks apart for conditions like acne scars.


  • At the time of use, 15% off will be applied to the cost of the treatment done up to $2000
  • $300 paid to purchase the deal will be used towards the payment of the service after it’s reduced by 15%