Radio-Frequency Treatments Deal – 15% off


Radio Frequency (RF) is a treatment of the skin and deeper subcutaneous tissue provided by 2 modalities: RF microneedling Morpheus 8 treatment and Contoura

  • Morpheus 8 provides high heat to the skin and subq tissues for a brief duration. Deeper tissue stimulation causes strong repair and leads to collagen and elastin production. Morpheus treatment does need numbing, generally topical numbing alone is sufficient.
  • Contoura is a bipolar RF treatment for deeper tissue tightening and the treatment of deeper skin wrinkles, and sagging. It can be used for the lower face, arms, abdomen, decollate, breast, thighs, glutes, and knees.


  1. At the time of use, 15% off will be applied to the cost of the treatment done up to $2000
  2. $300 paid to purchase the deal will be used towards the payment of the service after it’s reduced by 15%