Medical Aesthetician Services Deal – 15% off


Includes Microneedling, VIpeels, Geno facial, Customized facial, Microdermabrasion

  • Microneedling is a method of controlled stimulation of the epidermis and dermis with mechanical vertically vibrating needles. It is a method of percutaneous collagen induction and also provides a channel to pass skin care products. These include tranexamic acid for melasma, or FGF for stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Microneedling could also be done with PRP and Sculptra for quicker healing and dermal collagen synthesis. It helps in sun damage, melasma, irregular pigmentation, fine wrinkles, and pores.
  • VIPeel is a branded medical superficial peel that can be used with proper selection of candidates for sun damage, melasma,PIH(post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), acne treatment, and minimizing pore size.
  • Geneo facial is a gentle exfoliating, oxygenating, hydrating, infusing and relaxing facial using ultrasonic vibrations and facial massaging tools. Six different types of facials are available to customize for all skin types. This includes sensitive skin, sun damaged skin, acne prone, or dry skin. This is followed by a red light treatment for deeper collagen stimulation.
  • Customized facials can be done for specific skin needs concerning sensitivity to sun, oily/dry/mixed or sensitive skin with skin conditions like acne, sun damage, and  pigment issues.
  • Microdermabrasion or dermaplaning is a method of mechanical exfoliation of the top layer of the skin which stimulates the basal cell to reproduce faster and increase turnover. It results in fresher and stronger skin cells in the epidermis with a vibrant glow, smaller pores, and improvement in the pigmentation.


  1. At the time of use, 15% off will be applied to the cost of the treatment done up to $2000
  2. $300 paid to purchase the deal will be used towards the payment of the service after it’s reduced by 15%