Laser Hair Removal Packages – 20% off


• Purchase Black Friday deal for 20% off on the laser hair removal packages, for $300 which will be used towards the service at the time of purchase of the service.

• Laser Hair Removal is a method of permanent hair reduction in areas of unwanted dark hair. It can also help in conditions like ingrown hair, irritation of skin due to constant shaving. The hair grows in cycles and at any time about 10-15 % in growth state, laser works only in this stage, hence it’s done in sessions. Most people need between 6-10 sessions for about 90% of hair reduction.

• It can be done in areas like lip, chin, under arms, arms, legs, brazilian, bikini etc.

• Up to 8 sessions or maximum value of $4000

• Purchase value $ 300

• Only Max 1 deal/person

• Once purchased, the procedure is no later than 3 months.

• Non refundable

• Will have a face value of the money towards any other service if the deal is not used

• Then Ecommerce part to purchase the deal for $300.

• Buy 15% off deal for rest of the services